Game Dates

Game Dates

The dates below are for games are where you can turn up and take part in the best Airsoft Games in the County.  Simply turn up and our team have all the equipment* and expertise to ensure you are safe and get maximum enjoyment out of your day.

10th  February

21st April

12th May

02th June

23rd  June

11th August

03rd September

??th October

??th January 2020

?? Dates are TBC

*Gun Hire needs to be booked in advance, see here

Build Dates

These are voluntary. We decide what is going to be built then crack on aiming to be done by dinner time. If you come and help we have an afternoon of game and try out the objective we have built.

31st March

??th April

??th May

??th June

21th July

??nd September

??th October

??th November

??th December